Mystery dating game

The date is revealed by spinning the door handle and opening the plastic door on the game board.The five possible dates are the "formal dance" date, the "bowling" date, the "beach" date, the "skiing" date, and the "dud".Featured above are task cards, or “assignments”, for each character to complete during each of the rounds.Time to get chatty and divulge all of that juicy info!

The player must assemble an outfit by acquiring three matching color-coded cards, which then must match the outfit of the date at the "mystery door".So, if you did want to host it over a more formal, sit-down dinner, we have also included table cards for each character, so you can choose the seating ahead of time.Just for fun, we’ve included some printable “money”, to be used as a bribing tool throughout the game.The date to be avoided is the poorly dressed "dud".He is wearing slovenly attire, his hair is tousled, and his face sports a beard shadow.Another one of our fabulously fun group date ideas is the “Win It In A Minute” Group Date Night!Put on your detective hat and grab your favorite magnifying glass, mystery games will have you puzzling out crimes, murders, or other stranger unknowns. Fall is the perfect time to host a murder mystery party – talk about a great Halloween bash!We have put together everything you need to pull off one of most fantastic group date ideas.Grab your murder mystery kit today and get planning with this amazing at home date idea!If you loooove the idea of this group date night theme pack, you most definitely should check out our “Who Dunit” Clue-inspired date!

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