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They said we created bogus delegates-Cde Olly is a delegate of her branch. 1/2— RSA Minister of Police (@Mbalula Fikile) December 18, 2017A word of thanks and respect to the journalists covering #ANC54. RE Iqcy— EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) December 18, 2017Should Cyril Ramaphosa win the elections, the most logical thing of him to do would be to apppoint Jacob Zuma as the minister of higher education so that he could implement free education #ANC54— Sam (@Spoken Sam) December 18, 2017#2017Reflections Gracious Almighty Abba.They said we created a bogus list- it was a credible ANCWL list of delegates. Imagine doing a book report on a book that's printed in smoke on pages made of mist, to deadline, on no sleep, and you have half an idea of how heroic they're being. CEO of the ‘free world’ how is the wall coming along?We must work hard to win them and can't have doubts.ZN— EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) December 18, 2017#ANC54 Mantashe says the organizational report did an analysis of policies.So CR17 thinks he is going to come out of #ANC54 pretending like he has always opposed corruption when he served directly with it for five years?Anyways the Zuma corruption is nothing compared to what CR17 lived complicit with in corporate South Africa; particularly in mining!The ANC has called for delegates to remain patient while the electoral commission counts and should be given space to do its work properly.ZN— EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) December 18, 2017#ANC54 EWN understands that the voting process has now been completed , with delegates from from Gauteng being the last to place their mark on the ballot. WE lost PE but did well in other areas— Karabo Ngoepe (@karabongoepe1) December 18, 2017#ANC54 Mantashe says the secretary general must always be accessible and never allow themselves to be an institution.

Mxm— IG: @Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (@Mbuyiseni Ndlozi) December 18, 2017To those who stand with #Ramaphosa: The measure of a man is not what he opposes when doing so has no consequences.

ZN— EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) December 18, 2017#ANC54 Mantashe: Many people list Eastern Cape up there because we lost PE. They must allow themselves to be insulted, challenged and corrected by members.

The SG must always be willing to engage and mustn't be angry.

We are aware of the challenges and want a better ANC. ZN— EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) December 18, 2017#ANC54 Mantashe responds to question on whether he thinks the ANC will survive the 2019 elections : We want to regain the lost ground.

You always ask about what are our chances , we just want to regain lost ground.

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