Online dating how to ask out

After a while of chatting you could suggest the two of you do a similar activity together the following weekend.

Subtle: If you don’t quite have the confidence to ask a guy out directly, an easier option is to ask him on a group date.

The line can easily become blurred with close friendships and there is a natural curiosity to see if you could be something more.

The problem is that the whole situation is delicate and needs to be handled carefully so as not to ruin your friendship.

There are various methods that you could try, depending on how brave you’re feeling.

Bold: Firstly, you could be very bold and buy him a drink.

Keep it simple, for example ‘do you fancy going to this gallery opening on Sunday evening – it starts at 7?’ Women appreciate a plan and you’re more likely to get a direct answer. Having said this, it’s also important to be flexible.These days, people have busy schedules so it may take some planning to arrange the date.It’s a good idea to find out as soon as possible whether you have a connection with someone and whether you’re interested in them.When messaging online, it’s easy to get used to the daily contact and as a result the conversation can go on for a long time before realizing you haven’t actually met in person yet.One of the risks of asking out a friend is they have a good reason to say no.IF your friendship works well as it is and they’re afraid of losing that when more feelings come in to play, they may not want to risk it at all.After assessing these things (and obviously ensuring they’re not seeing anyone else), arrange a time when just the two of you can be alone together and broach the subject then. Be completely honest with your feelings – if nothing more, they’ll have a lot of respect for you for doing it.Finally, you really have to respect their decision.Many people find the prospect of asking someone out daunting. Actually, asking someone out can be extremely natural and comfortable.And could of course be the start of something special.

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