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All of his seminars follow a similar pattern: De Angelo will introduce his topic, ask his students to commit to working on this area of their lives, and then give several hours of lectures himself.He’ll then bring in a series of guest lecturers, who’ll each speak for an hour or so, before he summarizes things himself.“Attraction is not a choice,” and the logical conclusions which flow from that simple statement have become some of the most important fundamental ideas in pickup.“,” is still one of the most important ebooks in pickup history.By David M Ever wanted to lounge around on your butt at home and attract more beautiful women in one month than you have in your entire life?Well, this is what Insider Internet Dating will show you.

In fact, sometimes it makes much of his work timeless.

“Approaching Women” is a comprehensive guide to how to meet women in any sort of environment.

All of those are highly recommended and will reward multiple listenings.

Our aim at PUA Ratings is to review every possible product and live event thoroughly…

from top to bottom and everything else in between, so that you can make an educated decision on whether that product is for you.

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