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8 credits might not be much but it’s god enough just to test out the site.Luckily there are some cheap webcam models to be found for as low as 1.49 (during our review).The early days of the internet owe a lot to porn, but porn itself — along with most other adult businesses — was lumped in with “high-risk” merchants like gambling websites and loan consolidation in the early 2000s, when porn sites were plagued by high rates of chargebacks, in which consumers deny having made purchases that appear on their bills and demand their money back.Although most adult merchants today receive few chargebacks, they are still considered high-risk, which means they are subject to higher charges on transactions and yearly fees to credit card companies.But luckily there are a few cam sites out there dat do offer paypa as a payment option.Xlovecams is one of thos cam sites that offer paypal.Depending on how the user pays, there may be fees associated with this service.VISIT PAYPAL XLOVECAMS Pay for webcam sex with paypal It’s difficult to find a webcam sex site where you can pay with paypal.

Pay Pal’s prohibition on adult merchants has become the norm for most other payment processing companies, but the fear of adult business is a trickle-down effect from the rest of the finance industry, which is, in a word, contemptuous of adult content.

But Patreon wasn’t the first to feel pressure from Pay Pal about adult content.

In 2003, Pay Pal announced that it would no longer process payments for adult content of any kind.

Patreon, backed into a corner by Pay Pal’s unexpected and time-sensitive threat, alerted its adult-oriented users that their accounts would be flagged as NSFW and blocked from search results, and their payments restricted to credit cards only, in order to avoid catastrophe for everyone using the site.

Patrons who had been using Pay Pal to support adult content creators were required to change their payment methods, or payments would be frozen and ultimately lost.

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