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I removed the hard drive, loaded the game from the memory card save, and played for about 2 minutes before crashing again.I loaded the game from an earlier save point and it crashed within a minute at a point . It’s gotta be the game making the Xbox do something that it can’t handle, or a defect with the disk that is not due to mistreatment.In a last ditch effort, I decided to install the game to the hard drive and run it from there.It didn’t make any difference – the lockups continued to happen within a minute or two of loading a saved game.I made it back to the save point, saved the game to a memory card, and then crashed.

I cleared the system cache, tried again and locked up.

The only thing potentially odd about my setup is that I’m running at 1280 x 720 widescreen resolution output to VGA via a Microsoft Xbox 360 HD AV Cable instead of the usual component output. I tried changing the resolution to 1024×768 and it still froze. The tech support girl on this call also was unaware of any other reports of Final Fantasy XIII freezing, and sent me through the same basic troubleshooting script, with the addition of disconnecting and reconnecting the cables (something I’d already really done) and verifying that I had enough free space on my hard drive to install any updates (check, 5.9 GBs free).

She asked me to turn the console on and off, which I did.

So, to rule out a corrupt save somewhere, I started a brand new game from the DVD with the hard drive still disconnected and it froze in the middle of the second battle.

It is not a media issue, a hard drive issue, or a corrupted save issue.

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