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It was performed on The Velvet Rope Tour, All for You Tour, Rock Witchu Tour, and as an interlude on the Number Ones: Up Close and Personal Tour. Even now, there are times when it comes in waves and it will be incredibly painful." As difficult as it had been for Janet to acknowledge those old and very deep wounds, she claimed what the self-examination had done for her self-concept had made the pain worth experiencing.

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Everybody was surprised when a couple of days later, she said yes." When requesting Mitchell's vocals, Jackson revealed "Everyone kept saying don't even bother."Along with Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, Joni's songs spoke to me in an intimate, personal way." Jackson also exclaimed "I, like millions of others, have been a really, really big fan.Joni's unwillingness to compromise and her willingness to experiment has really shaped a creative legacy", adding she was "always playing her when we were growing up." Mitchell was appreciative of Jackson's praise of her thirteenth studio album Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm, which had failed to meet commercial expectations and reception, saying "Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm really deserves a big audience, as big as anything the contemporary females have. I was disappointed that the [record] company couldn't somehow or other - I was disappointed in the industry at large, that had closed me out from the marketplace, so to speak, that no one would allow me the normal venues that are open to announce that you have product out, with pride. Except Janet Jackson saw it - and she touted it in her interviews ...At the time, Q-Tip was not yet known as a solo artist and was also relatively unknown to the mainstream pop audience, though he would later attain fame two years later with his debut album Amplified and hits "Vivrant Thing" and "Breathe and Stop".Jackson explained why she felt compelled to combine the folk elements from Mitchell with Q-Tip's rap verse, saying "Him and Joni Mitchell have something in common: what they write is poetry." "I think of folk and rap among similar strands."Got 'til It's Gone" was serviced to multiple airplay formats, including Pop, Urban, Rhythmic, and Adult Contemporary/Jazz, in early September.The song's music video and promotional photos were the first glimpse of the new image Jackson developed for The Velvet Rope campaign, which combined elements from Gothic and African cultures and consisted of red hair, nasal and body piercings, and various tattoos."Got 'til It's Gone" is the lead single from Janet Jackson's 1997 album The Velvet Rope.The single and it's accompanying music video were considered a massive risk and departure from the mainstream pop style of Jackson's previous releases, striving for a less glossy and more credible sound.He's real and right to the point, and I loved working with him." Additionally, Jackson expressed admiration for his voice, also saying he finished his verse quickly.The collaboration with Q-Tip lead to Jackson collaborating with Busta Rhymes for his single "What's It Gonna Be?!

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