Ruta gedmintas and luke treadaway dating

Inspired by a love of Eddie Vedder and with support from their secondary school drama teacher Phil Gasson, the twins formed a band called Lizardsun with Matt Conyngham and Seth Campbell. Treadaway currently lives in a flat in North London, with his twin brother Luke, Luke's girlfriend the actor Ruta Gedmintas, and a friend of the twins who plays in a band.

His professional debut was Brothers of the Head, a feature film about conjoined twin brothers in a punk rock band.

Bowen himself makes a rather precious cameo in the book-signing scene near the end of the film. This isn’t The music is awesome, Treadaway is awesome, Bob is a cat, which is awesome.

That appearance would have been a bit much if the timing had been off, but by then you’re in the soft-kitty-warm-kitty glow and relief at the happy ending and it works well. It’s a lovely film that will make you feel better about things.

Luke Treadaway as Bowen couldn’t be more perfect for the role.

He embodies Bowen as a man who’s lost his way but still has a good heart and ambition and earnestly wants to fit in society again.

Many of the people around Bowen are horrible and his situation is dire at times, so you’re going to earn the feel-good.

Also he performed his song "Raise This Up" in "Brothers of the Head" as a solo performance during the scene in which Tom Howe's girlfriend breaks his heart.

In 2011, he appeared in The Last Furlong, filmed in Ireland. He plays Victor Frankenstein in the Showtime TV series Penny Dreadful, which began in May 2014.

James & Bob catch the 38 bus (a real bus route) from his new flat somewhere in Islington, which is in north London, to get to Covent Garden in central London.

This is a journey of approximately 2.5 miles in a southerly direction on this route (presumably James gets off around Cambridge Circus and walks the few hundred yards to Covent Garden).

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