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This isn't to crap on anyone who's asked about Tarboy 2, I did promise you guys a sequel.But I need to detach Tarboy from all this bad history, and moving forward, I can’t have this promise lingering at the back of my head any time I post something to the public.Enjoy and thank you for 20000 views on first tribute! Song- I am in heaven when you kiss me ❤️ Thank you for watching : The Murder Of Me ~ Centuries ----------------------------------------­­-------------------------------------- 💕 Always ready to hear your requests ( if you watch my videos ) ----------------------------------------­­-------------------------------------- 💕SUBSCRIBE to my : :for new videos every week ----------------------------------------­­-------------------------------------- 💕•Music: Fall Out Boy: ------ Centuries ----------------------------------------­­-------------------------------------- 💞 My friends channels: Check out my friend youtube channel ^.^(Sonic) Check out my other friends channel! ^-^ (Evangeline) Check out Son Ally fan, of voice acting XD (Supersonicward15): Check out my friend Scourgy channel: ----------------------------------------­­-------------------------------------- 💔Sorry for the people who cant watch because of copyrights :( ----------------------------------------­­-------------------------------------- The Murder Of Me based on comic: Deviantart: You Tube: ----------------------------------------­­-------------------------------------- Please go on and check them out : P It's finally here! True Area 53 remix: And thanks to zeal for helping me get the pages altogether: ★DONATE RIGHT HERE★ ★LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE★ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★OUR TWITTER★ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★BUSINESS EMAIL (For Voice Acting)★ [email protected]---------------------------- ★OUR MANAGERS ON THE CHANNEL AND WEBSITE★ ★Zealous Fox★ () ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS Logo and Banner made by Megapi Central Intro and other Graphics by Stevigesus () UPDATE May 30 2013: Hey guys!Dave Volpe, who composed the opening and ending songs of this film, has just released a single of the song! Background art: Gillian Grossman Music: Piano Concerto No.I completed the first main sequence, but didn’t feel the quality was up to scratch, so I pulled the plug.I'm not working on anything Tarboy related currently, and I can't realistically see myself getting back to it anytime in the short to medium term.More information and expanded credits on the Director's website: Music is Evil by Casey La Londe-- you can find his music here!

- Exclusive Behind the Scenes Videos Directed by Michael Cawood, this computer animated short film is the work of a worldwide team of Artists and Animators.

And guys, there's no need to ask if a role is open or if you can audition for it. But that doesn't mean that you can slack off either! It's not my intention to string anyone along and milk your patience by posting Tarboy related art like this.

I've kept quiet for good reason, but I'm planning to release a video at some point this year explaining the situation with the project along with some video from two Tarboy projects that never made it.

This arc will be about Sonic facing his own demons while trying to fight off the ever so terrifying Dark God. I'm just as surprised as you are x D There is not much editing in this one, since I completely lost my inspiration after some point :/ But I still liked the idea and wanted to share it with you, so I forced myself to finish x D Sinse this is a singing video, I also added the lyrics. If you're sending a youtube video as an audition, please link it in a comment below! If you're sending an email as an audition please keep the subject line as Rt VR Audition. Extras: There's a teacher, a mom, 4 teenage boys, and 2 thugs.

Together with Silver and Shadow, they continue to fight their way out of this nightmare. COMIC PAGES FOR THIS ARC ARE ALREADY STARTED HERE: HD is your friend! Green letters refer to Scar's parts, Red to Mufasa's and Yellow to Scar/Zira duet (Yes I manipulated this audio a lot. Storyline: Scar has taken young Zira under his wing. A little description about them is in the same doc where their lines are.

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