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Messi does have 18 assists while Ronaldo has just 10.

That alone puts Messi ahead of Ronaldo in the current Ballon d'Or race.

With 38 seconds left in Game 1 of the NBA's Eastern Conference finals between the Atlanta and the Cleveland ,ray ban polarized rb 3427, Le Bron James drove to the basket and dunked,oakley frames at costco, extending his team's lead to six points,ray ban aviator silver uk, 93–87. The play wasn't as much about the fact that James dunked,ray ban glasses case hard, though,ray ban wayfarer vendita online, as it was how he dunked: namely,oakley batwolf multicam, by scaring the bejesus out of Hawks small forward . Smith added 28,ray ban price guide, in addition to eight three-pointers for Cleveland. He will undergo an MRI on Thursday,ray ban sizes chart, coach Mike Budenholzer said after the game.• MORE NBA: | |相关的主题文章: Like Us on ,replacement lenses for oakley ducati So when Ronaldo got started at home against Getafe a few hours later, he was already the Pichichi winner.

As James elevates,where to find ray ban sunglasses, check out Korver's trotting exit via stage left. At that point it was about breaking another record - the 60-goal output he had made in 2011-12.

Ronaldo would need to outscore Messi the rest of the year to catch up.

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However, Ronaldo has caught up and is not too far from his rival in terms of goal scoring on the year.

Season Stats Ronaldo finished the year with 61 goals and 22 assists in all competitions,ray ban rb8301 sale, including 13 penalties and a whopping eight hat tricks.

In Spain he scored 48 goals and 16 assists, including 10 penalties; all of his hat tricks came in Spanish competition.

Streaking Messi is not as hot as he was early on when he was scored well over a goal per game.

That is no shocker as scorers have a tendency to be streaky.

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