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When the stock sells off, it scares away buyers and the fall is exaggerated.

Meanwhile, the company reported their Q3 result that showed strong sequential and Yo Y improvement in all the critical measurements. .5 mil, Gross Profit: .2 mil, New G&E revenue: .7 mil.

Pay TM has none of these issues and can run a much more profitable game app business.These initiatives have long ways to go from being fully ramped.Online/Mobile business platform can also generate massive volumes in a hurry which makes the "stepping in when I see confirmation of strong revenue" tricky.Agtech does, it's an excellent annuity-like business that generates steady cash flow, keeps you in touch with your customers and on a leading edge of hardware development.Investors will care less about hardware business as the growth of Games and Entertainment business overshadows the hardware business.Agtech management cares very much about the stock price, but they don't manage their business based on it. "Take care of your customers and employees, and the stock price will take care of itself." So far, that strategy has worked well for Alibaba.I believe it will do the same for Agtech shareholders.Ten weeks later, we are right back where we started.After careful inspection, I've come to an opinion that the majority of the sell-off volume came from the conversion of stock option from the consultants.Distribution is 8%-10% commission business, and What makes Lucky Buy game app unique is player's ability to cash out their winnings instead of accumulating useless virtual currency.With your winnings, you can go to the redemption center to trade in your virtual currency for any available merchandise that is often cheaper than buying from other sites.

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