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However, I disagree to her opinion that an example of him underestimating you is if he thinks “your moves are terrible”.

I would consider this to be a judgment of your abilities, instead of an underestimation.

It described the myths of male promiscuity being acceptable, but inappropriate for women, as well as the cultural view that women belong in the home doing the housework.

This relates to Mary-Lou Galician’s eighth myth, that men need to be dominant over women in certain areas of life, like being more successful and stronger.

Guerrero pointed out many good warning signs to look for when evaluating if a particular guy would make for a healthy relationship.

Mentioned earlier, her first point about a man underestimating you and thinking you can’t manage your money is a realistically bad sign to find in someone because it goes back to that false belief that women can’t be as successful—or even more successful—than a man.

The most common myth brought up in “10 Signs You’re Dating a of making women feel that he is all that she need in her life.

She warns that if he doesn’t let you invite your friends or family over or you notice you’ve stopped doing activities that you used to be passionate about that you are letting a convince you of this myth.

In every culture, trust is a fundamental part of a healthy, relationship.

Proving this particular myth as being untrue plays as the theme to Guerrero’s article and she constantly refers to back to the subject of woman’s independence from male dominance.

The overall message of Guerrero’s article is to empower her female readers to encourage woman’s growing role in the workplace and discard the traditional belief of women being the home keepers.

I learned that the Latin term used to describe a man obsessively prideful with his masculinity is a “machismo”, which is directly translated as a ‘male chauvinist’.

However, the term “machista” is used in Latin popular culture as a man who believes the male gender is dominant, yet has feminine tendencies like getting overly jealous and is too attached to his mother.

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