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Sending tips is not done in dollars or euros, but in a virtual currency called tokens. A token is approximately worth 5 cents (this depends on the package you buy).

Tips is basically money that you spend on guys in order to see them nude or have them masturbate on webcam.

Plus if you can name a place more relaxing than this, share that info and I will b...

This is a lot harder to do than it used to be, as they have redesigned the park and added a dog park section.

Met a nice older man with a huge tool and was able to have fun right there in my truck. The last time I was here I just sat in the handicap stall jerki... Ben Burton Park is located about one and a half miles down on the right just before the Oconee River Bridge. It was filled with some hunks, but the staff is very suspicious of anyone that doesn't look like a student. Actually, when I used to go to this location all of the action was in the men's room on the ground floor. The basement restroom is quite small and I too have never... My second visit and I was sitting there in the steam room with four other hot guys jacking off. Take Broad Street north and away from downtown until you see the sign for Canal Park on your right. It's confusing if you're not familiar with the place.

Visited this locale about a week ago and was pleasantly surprised. I found a little hole down by the river where myself and two others got into a pretty hot three... Even though it's relatively new to cruising, it's always been a fun place. You can park in the gravel lot at the end of where Milledge Road ends and where Lakeshore Road begins on the left. This way is a bit confusing for someone who hasn't been there. They opened a trailer park behind the drainage ditch and gave the resident...

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