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This time, I even had employment, internship, and volunteer positions; all having some degree of flexibility!

Third, how are you keeping visitors engaged and are you memorable? LEEP Pong was created based on the idea of targeting the college student market, while forcing them to approach our display table with little intimidation.

Today I was at a Campus and Community Fair pedaling my many volunteer opportunities to college students who, let's face it, are looking for freebies during their lunch hour.

I can remember thinking back to my undergraduate days during the campus fairs when I would scope out the different vendors and organizations and think to myself, "Alright...

Hosted by Bridge ND, a nonpartisan organization that seeks to provide a platform of diverse political opinions, this event offers students the opportunity to express their ideologies within a relatively contained setting, the club’s officers said.“We’re wanting to reach out to a variety of students from all different colleges to create a wide audience of political discussion from all different angles,” junior Christian Mc Grew, president of Bridge ND, said.

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In just a few minutes, one can “date” many other singles and determine if they would like to set an actual date with these mysterious strangers sitting on the opposite side of the table.The best visitors to the table are RSO or student club leaders... Each new recruiting event brings a myriad of new challenges. In this case, I was on a university campus where the majority of the attendees were A) There as a class requirement B) Looking for free food or C) Searching to be a part of something other than their 15 credit course load.While lacking an edible hand out, I did have free water bottles for those who stopped to play my game (see: LEEP Pong).Maybe it was the free water bottle at stake, or just maybe it was the appreciation to connect with our potential volunteers over a shared interest.Connecting to your volunteers from the very start will help them gage just how much you appreciate them and their skill set.However, the return on investment can be less than inspiring...Going to a new volunteer fair is like speed dating.Students across the political spectrum will have the opportunity to meet Tuesday at p.m.for the 3rd annual Political Speed Dating to engage in political discourse.Bridge USA, which was then founded in the fall of 2015, now serves as an umbrella organization with chapters at multiple college campuses.In the past, Political Speed Dating has been held in the ballroom of La Fortune Student Center.

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