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You stay put at a table while strangers walk up, ask you questions, talk about their hobbies, and see if you are worth their time.It can be intimidating, but if you do it right, chances are you can make a handful of worthwhile connections for your organization.Maybe it was the free water bottle at stake, or just maybe it was the appreciation to connect with our potential volunteers over a shared interest.Connecting to your volunteers from the very start will help them gage just how much you appreciate them and their skill set.But this year, it will take place in the Oak Room above South Dining Hall.Junior Kylie Ruscheinski, vice-president of Bridge ND, said the group looks forward to seeing the effects the new venue has on the success of the event and hopes to build on the positive feedback it has received the past two years.Today I was at a Campus and Community Fair pedaling my many volunteer opportunities to college students who, let's face it, are looking for freebies during their lunch hour.

In just a few minutes, one can “date” many other singles and determine if they would like to set an actual date with these mysterious strangers sitting on the opposite side of the table.So to all the students out there searching for something to be a part of, remember: you are valuable, you are needed, and you are important.And to all my fellow campus fair recruiters, keep on keepin' on!Second, do you have something to fit the needs of every student who walks by your booth?I am lucky to represent an organization that revolves around recreation, because there are likely volunteer positions for nearly every crafter, athlete, or gamer.This time, I even had employment, internship, and volunteer positions; all having some degree of flexibility!Third, how are you keeping visitors engaged and are you memorable? LEEP Pong was created based on the idea of targeting the college student market, while forcing them to approach our display table with little intimidation.However, the return on investment can be less than inspiring...Going to a new volunteer fair is like speed dating.“A lot of studies have suggested that you’re more likely to have a respectful conversation in a formal setting where you have to look each other in the eyes,” she said.“It helps open up the possibility of sharing your beliefs.” Ruscheinski said the success of the local chapter — as well as the growth of the national organization — is proof of students’ desire for a place on campus where they can meet to discuss different viewpoints.

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