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This special regard for the eland may well have been picked up by early travellers. Single-horned deer aren't unheard of; however, the placement of this horn, in the center of the head, is quite unusual.Fulvio Fraticelli, scientific director of Rome's zoo, has said "Generally, the horn is on one side (of the head) rather than being at the center.

The Unicorn came to be associated with sweet maidens, chaste behaviour, and the Virgin Mary.However, classical authors seem to distinguish clearly between oryxes and unicorns.The "Peregrinatio in terram sanctam", published in 1486, was the first printed illustrated travel-book, describing a the eland has somewhat mystical or spiritual connotations, perhaps at least partly because this very large antelope will defend itself against lions, and is able to kill these fearsome predators.These legends and folktales were passed along through a number of different cultures.Some believe the unicorn really existed, but no evidence has ever been found.'s tail, and cloven hooves—these distinguish it from a horse.Marianna Mayer has observed ("The Unicorn and the Lake"), "The unicorn is the only fabulous beast that does not seem to have been conceived out of human fears.This looks like a complex case."cite web | title=Single-horned 'Unicorn' is deer found in Italy | last=Falconi | first=Marta | url= date=2008-07-16 | accessdate=2008-06-14 | work=Associated Press is one of the most concrete living evidence of the legendary unicorn: notice that roe deer have also cloven hooves, like traditional representations.Maybe there were in the past similar morphological anomalies like a single-horn deer or a different animal that has been seen from a certain distance.Emperor Fu Hsi, who reigned 5000 years ago has written about unicorn in secret language. However, until today, there is no empirical evidence suggesting the existence of unicorns.A virgin is led to where he lurks, and there she is sent off alone into the wood.

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  1. National and local governments continue to own or control several dozen newspapers and almost all of the electronic media, and reporting at these news outlets is generally balanced.