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According to them, Sigiriya may be the Alakamandava (the City of the Gods) that was built up before 50 centuries ago by King Kubera who was the half-brother of Ravana (Ravan) as described in the Ramayanaya.According to the Palm Leaf Book (Puskola Potha) of Ravana Watha (About Ravana) the architect of the Sigiriya was a person called Maya Danava.The environment around the Sigiriya may have been inhabited since prehistoric times.There is clear evidence that the many rock shelters and caves in the vicinity were occupied by Buddhist monks and ascetics from as early as the 3rd century BCE.

During that period the Sigiriya was called Alakamandava and during the period of King Kuwera it was called Cithranakuta.

The name of this place is derived from this structure —Sīhāgiri, the Lion Rock.

The capital and the royal palace was abandoned after the king's death.

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