Teen internet dating connections married dating plenty of fish

Only a quarter of teens who are dating (8% of all teens) have met someone they have dated online.

”– they are still somewhat uneasy with the public nature of their relationships online and the lack of privacy in general.

One third of teens in a relationship report that they have had a partner check up on them, and their whereabouts, (who they are with, what they’re doing) many times a day.

Many of the borderline “controlling” behaviors that may occur during the relationship are equally as likely to occur after the relationship is over. As much as teens use their phones to start and maintain relationships, they still largely believe that ending a relationship is best done in person, as reaking up with someone using text messaging or social media is largely frowned upon.” When a teen relationship ends, it is normal for the teen to go through their profile and “prune” it of reminders of the relationship: photos, messages, shared friends.

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