Thaigirls at skype

Don’t come here with a girlfriend, otherwise you probably miss all the pretty ones who want to mingle with the foreign guys, they are actively chasing them.What could be better as a great Thailand vacation, with fun, drinks, nightlife, swimming, sunbathing, scuba, snorkeling and let the legs dangle., they come from everywhere into southern Thailand to make some cash.Since every day aircrafts are bringing hundreds of guys to the airport who only have two things in mind, beach and women.What most of this “clever” people somewhere in western countries, hard hit by their “unclever” moralistic ideas don’t know and obviously don’t want to know is, the womens have a high profile social function, they are the one who bring the money so that 3 generations in one house in the north have something to eat.

At certain bars, called “café” you can find lesbians and some models in beautiful outfits, there is usually some karaoke going on and the petty once are singing on stage, if you like one pay a flower garland and she will sit with you, the same is with the guys. Do dating on location in the nightlife scene, maybe at a bar or nightclub, this has a high chance for a successful end.

It needs to be aware that almost all people think all foreigners are millionaires (no yoke) and look at them a ATM machines on two legs strict according to Thai philosophy “same same – but different” got the message?

The women have a high pressure to be successful when they travel to the south to earn some money since at home, somewhere in the north, usually a family is waiting since other incomes are rather little.

Since this kind is always speed dating, its fun for everyone, they invent continuous ideas how to empty your wallet.

We have girls all over the Phuket island happy and ready and waiting for you to either come to their Rawai shop, or visit you in your Patong Hotel room.

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