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It would appear that these rights have been cleared up, but the exact nature of the issue (or more to the point, the resolution of the legal quagmire) is currently unknown.As of now, the game is also available for purchase and download via ZOOM Platform.The parent company went belly up, and took Arush down with 'em.

The controls are also quite easy to get used to, with buttons only for jumping, moving, firing, and weapon changing.Manhattan Project features the humorously chauvinistic action hero Duke Nukem, this time fighting Mech Morphix, a mad scientist who is using a radioactive slime dubbed G. Levels in the game contain recognizable parts of New York City. (Gluon Liquid Omega-Phased Plasma) to metamorphosize creatures into deadly monsters in order to take over Manhattan island, New York City.When Manhattan Project was first shown to the public, rumours began to spread about it actually being the cancelled Duke Nukem Forever side-scroller, but this has since been clarified: Manhattan Project is a game original to ARUSH.A port of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project was released to the Xbox Live Arcade on June 23, 2010, for 800 Microsoft Points (MSP).Using a cheat, player can also move the camera to any angle and take screenshots.The game CD includes a level editor named "Prism Ed", but level-creation activity for the game never reached popularity among the players, and only a tiny level editing community is currently active.Manhattan Project received mostly positive ratings, in the range of 7–8 out of 10.Game Spy gave the game 83%, calling it "A slick platform arcade game at a reasonable price...Utilizing the 3D engine, the player can zoom in and out focusing either on the enemy approaching or an overall view of the field.Duke can crouch, run, jump and slide kick underneath small counter space.

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