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(1) Modification or Removal of Information or Information Resources Unless they have proper authorization, users must not attempt to modify or remove information or information resources that are owned or used by others.

(2) Other Prohibited Activities Users must not encroach, disrupt or otherwise interfere with access or use of the University's information or information resources.

Any personally owned resources used for University business are subject to this policy and must comply with all Stanford requirements pertaining to that type of resource and to the type of data involved.

The resources must also comply with any additional requirements (including security controls for encryption, patching and backup) specific to the particular University functions for which they are used. Integrity of Information Resources Users must respect the integrity of information and information resources.

In particular, contributing to the creation of a hostile academic or work environment is prohibited.

(2) Copyrights and Licenses Users must not violate copyright law and must respect licenses to copyrighted materials.

The University's Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Business Affairs will determine permitted commercial uses.

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Individual units within the University may permit such use, and users may choose to use their own resources accordingly.

For example, abuse of the networks to which the University belongs or the computers at other sites connected to those networks will be treated as an abuse of University computing privileges. Usage The University is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization and, as such, is subject to specific federal, state and local laws regarding sources of income, political activities, use of property and similar matters.

It also is a contractor with government and other entities and thus must assure proper use of property under its control and allocation of overhead and similar costs.

For the avoidance of doubt, without express permission, users must not give away University information or send bulk unsolicited email.

In addition, users must not engage in other activities that damage, vandalize or otherwise compromise the integrity of University information or information resources.

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