Trouble updating mugen chars

*To leave a space in blank because it blocks something in the character select screen, just write in the desired space: blank *To create a random select space in the character select screen just write: randomselect in the desired space.

*For random stages just replace the stages/stage0line with random.

I can't give you the links cause its against the forum rules but you can find them. Next time I'll show you how the gaming aspect and the controls work. I've heard of MUGEN through a friend when I was in highschool.

Here's how the file looks: [spoiler=select.def][/spoiler] Any questions? I tried it once but couldn't really get into it because of all the folder creating you had to do.

I know I haven’t been updating this for a while, I’ve been busy with my own pixel projects.

I think it’s pretty interesting to see how they do the King of Fighters XII sprites.

If you don't do this before opening the program, oddly enough it doesn't respond.

The control scheme is simple for most characters: A-Low Kick B-Mid Kick C-High Kick X-Low Punch Y-Mid Punch Z-High Punch Start-Taunt Some characters, like the Mortal Kombat, based ones, don't follow that scheme so you'll need to toy a bit with these to figure them out. 1 on 1, 2 on 2 (ala Tornado Tag) and 4 on 4 or variations (1 at a time, no tagging).

Some animation frames are small enough of a change so that you can just edit the existing sprite. For the attack, I redrew the character for when she goes forward to strike in the 3rd frame. It has a few tones, but it’s pretty much simple shades.

It is not necessary to do the animations/characters in 3D first, this is just their method so they can get bigger sprites and standardize animations more.

They have a big section in yellow about the use of 3D.

I've also poked around a couple mugen sites and picked up some newer and beta characters the past couple months. Back in ninth grade, I had a massive MUGEN set up on one of the school computers. If you like programming or can struggle through it, MUGEN is a ton of fun. Most characters don't come with a moveset list so go discover them.

It's possible to create a dream fighting game, with just about any character under the sun. But before you even turn on the program, plug your controller (if you have one). 1 on 1 2 on 2 Yeah, that is Barney and Homer vs Peter and Fred The characters usually are made with special attacks. Next time I'll teach you how do some cosmetic changes to the game.

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