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4) Megaman: Robot Master Mayhem This one's not released yet, but I'm keeping my eye on it. The only files you'll need from the file you download have the extensions: and Next copy and paste the data folder in the zip file you downloaded and paste it to the main directory (the place in the picture).After all a lot of people here know that I'm a huge Megaman mark. It will replace everything in the data folder, so hit yes to everything.The top left corner and the bottom right corner sections are the frames I used.Some animation frames are small enough of a change so that you can just edit the existing sprite. For the attack, I redrew the character for when she goes forward to strike in the 3rd frame. It has a few tones, but it’s pretty much simple shades.Or if your interested like me, try to make your own. But if you wanna keep the settings you had on the previous one then yes, replace it.I'll be updating this thread every Friday to guide you through the basics of this great little gizmo. In case you don't know what that file does, open it up and explore its options. Here's where you follow the instructions dictated on the file.To change the controls, go to options in the main menu and head for input configurations then select for your keyboard or your joystick. June 14, 2017, am idontknowwhatimdoing says: oh...

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The control scheme is simple for most characters: A-Low Kick B-Mid Kick C-High Kick X-Low Punch Y-Mid Punch Z-High Punch Start-Taunt Some characters, like the Mortal Kombat, based ones, don't follow that scheme so you'll need to toy a bit with these to figure them out. 1 on 1, 2 on 2 (ala Tornado Tag) and 4 on 4 or variations (1 at a time, no tagging). They wanted to design a a customizable homebrew shooting game. A customizable fighting game where you can add the characters, the music, the stages, whatever! If you have questions, leave your feedback in this thread and I'll respond every Friday. You see there's been many changes in the computer landscape, and one version of MUGEN isn't compatible with everything available. These aren't upgrades, they are called screenpacks. There are hundreds of screenpacks out here, so look around for those you like. Some people get together and for sort of a homebrew programming company and make games using the MUGEN engine. Here are some I would recommend exploring for: 1) Super Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity Of Heroes Its my personal favorite and also the easiest to find. Anyway, all characters should be unzipped and placed in the chars folder. You'll notice things that might seem different when you use things you used on the low res on this it wouldn't work in XP at the time heh I rock out on Mugen every once in a blue moon.My 'Everything' game is about 5-6gb in size and I have several hundred of the older characters. I used to have a blast assigning music and stages to various characters, making final boss fights, and using Fat Albert to beat up Mario.If you have any questions, leave them here and I'll cover them in my next post. [spoiler=MUGEN DBZ][/spoiler] [spoiler=MUGEN EVE Battle][/spoiler] So. It controls the display, sound and even some of the gameplay of your MUGEN game. For characters: Under the characters or chars line, you'll punch in the characters folder name, his signature stage, order of difficulty and theme music.Aside from the characters folder name, everything else is optional but must be written in the order I wrote it.It is not necessary to do the animations/characters in 3D first, this is just their method so they can get bigger sprites and standardize animations more.They have a big section in yellow about the use of 3D.*To leave a space in blank because it blocks something in the character select screen, just write in the desired space: blank *To create a random select space in the character select screen just write: randomselect in the desired space.*For random stages just replace the stages/stage0line with random.

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