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Scammers are usually lazy and when they need to post a profile to gain access to an online dating site, they'll just copy and paste an ad from another dating Website.

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Cooley's last episode "Rock This Town" was shot in August 2006. His joking often caused much of his own problems, including getting put in detention and even resulted in his relationship with Manny ending. When Liberty asks him out, after having crushed on him for years, J. rejects her and she asks him if he is rejecting her because of his feelings for Manny. He tries taking this one step further and asking her out to a dance, but backs out after seeing her with Craig, who she got pregnant by. Early in the season, his relationship with Manny ends after she catches him trying to use a penis pump to make his penis bigger after seeing Craig Manning's, which made him feel his was too small. makes up with Toby and apologizes for treating him badly.

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I know what you mean about Page hotels being a bit on the pricey side, but there are a few that tend to ‘fly under the radar’ due to their location off the main drag of the town, and the fact that they are independently owned properties who don’t take reservations via the usual channels.