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He's been building and using realtime web technologies since 2001 and is excited about the use cases and the potential for the technology as ever.If you are maintaining a successful app, you will eventually find a reason to change your schema.Here's an example of a simple picture model: Let's update this so each picture can have a rating.To store the ratings, we'll store the number of votes and the average value of the votes. String Property(default='') # Two new fields num_votes = ndb. Float Property(default=0) will be populated (either with the value from Datastore, or the default specified in the model).event_data = self.__object_to_json_serializable(self.object) # trigger & return def __object_to_json_serializable(self, object): model_dict = model_to_dict(object) json_data = json.dumps(model_dict, cls=Django JSONEncoder) data = json.loads(json_data) return data There are probably more elegant ways of doing this, but it does the trick.Once you have your view pushing out notifications you need to allow your user’s to subscribe to them.I struggle to think of a single web site or application I’ve built for a client in the last decade which has not had some form of CMS included.

Aaron Bassett is a freelance developer and technology strategist who is most comfortable with Python and Coffee Script, but is a bit of a programming polyglot.Notifying other agents when one of their colleagues has opened the same thread.Sending events via Pusher is already very simple in Django (or in Flask, Bottle, web.py, etc) using the Pusher Python HTTP library def render_to_response(self, context, **response_kwargs): channel = u"article_".format(pk=self.object.pk) event_data = pusher.trigger( [channel, ], u"update", event_data ) return super(Article Update, self).render_to_response(context, **response_kwargs) to be the model name plus the object’s primary key.The most important element in many cases is the knowledge that another editor has opened some content you’re currently working on.Help Scout uses this pattern to great effect within their help desk software.This article walks through an example showing the two basic steps needed to update an existing schema: While updating your schema, you may need to disable the ability for your users to edit data in your application.Whether or not this is necessary depends on your application, but there are a few situations (like trying to add a sequential index value to each entity) where it is much easier to correctly update existing entities if no other edits are happening.After updating your models to add new properties, existing entities will continue to exist without these properties.In some situations, this is fine, and you don't need to do any more work.We’ve added better HTML editors, access control layers, publishing workflows, and so on.The greatest leap forward however has been realtime collaborative editing.

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