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Warning The dd command is very powerful and can destroy any existing data on the specified device.Be very sure that you know the device name to write to and that you do not typo the device name when using dd!Once you are sure of the device name, navigate to the Desktop from TERMINAL, unmount the USB stick, and use the dd command to write the image to the USB stick.In Example 2.2b, the USB thumb drive is ) in order to write to the raw device which is faster.If automatic installation fails for a reason, go to our site and manually download the update.Note, not all Sync versions are pushed to autoupdate.

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If needed, use Disk Utility to setup one partition on the USB drive; selecting “free space” when creating the partition works fine.If you get the error “dd: /dev/disk1: Permission denied”, run the dd command by typing sudo dd if=Free NAS-9.3-RELEASE-x64of=/dev/rdisk1 bs=64k, which will prompt for your password.Note if the installer does not boot, check that the installation device is listed first in the boot order in the BIOS.This section describes the following: Note if you will be burning the installation file to a USB stick, you will need two USB slots, each with an inserted USB device, where one USB stick contains the installer and the other USB stick is selected to install into.When performing the installation, be sure to select the correct USB device to install to.If you are uncomfortable using this command, write the .Unmount any mounted partitions on the USB thumb drive.Not all NAS vendons publish the lasted Sync package in their application centers.That is why sometime you find old Sync version there.The surest way to get the latest version is to check our site, download and install the latest version.Please carefully choose between Sync Home or Sync Business.

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