Updating oyster card

City Airport is serviced by the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and is covered.Both Oyster and Travelcard can be purchased on demand from Underground stations, Visitor Centres and literally hundreds of retail outlets, such as newsagents and convenience stores inside London.

Stansted, Southend and Luton airports are outside London and beyond the scope of London public transport or Tf L, so the airport buses and trains from these airports are not covered.

Many will have a long-term travel pass attached to the Oyster, and these can be valid for as short as a week or as long as a year.

Buying a single ticket for one journey is rare, you are penalised very heavily financially.

This page discusses the differences between Oyster, Contactless Payment Cards and Travelcards so you can identify the right product for you.

Our detailed Travelcard, Contactless payment cards and Oyster card pages give a full explanation of each. - Docklands Light Railway, Tf L Rail and Overground Railway.

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