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There are few places outside London you can purchase them.Note at Underground and DLR stations there are no manned ticket desks, just ticket machines.When you buy a Visitor Oyster card you pay an activation fee (currently £5) which is not refundable.For standard Oyster cards purchased in London you pay a £5 deposit which is refundable (see Oyster v Visitor Oyster section below).This page discusses the differences between Oyster, Contactless Payment Cards and Travelcards so you can identify the right product for you.Our detailed Travelcard, Contactless payment cards and Oyster card pages give a full explanation of each. - Docklands Light Railway, Tf L Rail and Overground Railway.Many will have a long-term travel pass attached to the Oyster, and these can be valid for as short as a week or as long as a year.

Opened in 1863, it is the world's oldest underground railway network, and one of the largest.City Airport is serviced by the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and is covered.Both Oyster and Travelcard can be purchased on demand from Underground stations, Visitor Centres and literally hundreds of retail outlets, such as newsagents and convenience stores inside London.We were in London on boxing day, a day the tube was on strike. We travelled around on the tube to all the main tourist areas and i thought what an amazing system it was.We bought an oyster card for 5 pounds each and you just top it up for what journeys you need it for,the 5 pounds is refundable. I can not stress to you the importance of registering your Oyster card. I lost mine but luckily had the receipt with the card serial number on so I was able to get it cancelled and the balance transferred to my replacement.They are supposed to tell you to register it when you buy it but the cashier didn't. It runs on time to the the second, gets a person where you want to be in no time, without the hassles of congested traffic you would find going by car, and much quicker as well as it moves in a direct line, the staff at the ticket points were always efficient and courteous.The system is easy to follow and anyone can use it easy, even foreigners with no English would find it easy to follow as the lines are all different colors. When the tube is running, it is really convenient and easy to use, and if you get the Oyster card, quite a bargain.The Oyster card is definitely worth getting as the price is nearly 50% of the regular rate.For short-term visitors, contactless payment cards and Travelcards are the only travel passes where you do not incur the deposit/admin charges of Oyster purchase. If you buy in London you get the standard Oyster card.If you buy outside London, including airport trains and National Express coaches, overseas agents and online you will get a Visitors Oyster card.

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