Updating palm desktop

"Is this really a totally "new" Desktop, or just a downloadable version of what has been on the Tungsten T3 and Tungsten E CD's already?

"It is the new desktop distributed with the Z72 (and maybe the Z31) so it includes the photos in the contacts, etc.

updating palm desktop-33updating palm desktop-30

The desktop version of Memos now supports the larger 32k file size limit and Tasks includes repeating tasks.

palm One has updated both the Windows and Macintosh versions of the Palm Desktop.

The desktop suite adds support for some of the new software features for palm One handhelds.

This update also includes a revenge factor for Palm One: In response to reviewers constantly complaining about the lack of additional polyphonic alarm sounds on new Palm One handhelds, the new Palm One Desktop actually requires you to choose one of the existing ones for deletion.

When asked to comment, an anonymous Palm One exec was heard to say, "That'll teach em!

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