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Bezoomny Bratchny I ask because I'd like to explain this to my creationism friends.

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Because they considered him an outsider, they pretty much completely ignored the science he proposed, and did everything they could, literally, to destroy his career and get him blacklisted, and it's STILL exactly the same type of community today.

The real measurable science clearly demonstrates, we don't even have a million years let alone the billions claimed here. Take a look at the documentary Operation Lighthouse Rescue and look at the rate of real erosion we have measured it for 300 years. I don't really see the problem with being off 600,000 years.

That's not a large margin of error over 4.5 billion years. So, remember that SN1987A is 169,000 light years away from us.

So maybe our accuracy of the Earth's age is off a tiny fraction more than we think it could be, and the Earth cooled just a very tiny bit faster than we think. (Edit) By our age being off, I mean the Earth could be a few hundred thousand years older than we think)based on how certain atoms within the crystals had decayed. Like they mentioned humans were not around to document anything; how can science ever really check their hypothesis, & have repeating results? When SN1987A exploded, it produced lots of radioactive isotopes. So, when the gamma rays reach us, they reach us 169,000 years after the explosion took place.

Michael Harig Ok, so let's take a few specific examples to make it more clear what I'm saying. So when we look at the gamma rays, we're literally looking 169,000 years into the past.

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