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To do so, we first have to verify that the user has inserted two numbers and not any other character, which can´t be add up.If the user inserts both numbers correctly there will be no problem.By commenting, you are accepting the DISQUS terms of service.If you’ve studied CS, you’ve undoubtedly taken a course about compilers or something similar; in these classes, the concept of Finite Automaton (also known as Finite State Machine) is taught.

The x-moz-errormessage attribute is a Mozilla extension that allows you to specify the error message to display when a field does not successfully validate.

But if the user inserts any other character, like a "h" for example, there will be an error.

To avoid this, we develop an input data validation as we can see in the class "Adding2": If the user inserts a character which is not a number, we inform him that he is not inserting a valid data and that he has to insert a new number.

In this tutorial we will develop the validation for the data inserted by the user.

In the example below we add the two numbers given by the user.

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