Validating input java

Here is the automaton that accepts an object: Note that value can be one of the following: string, integer, boolean, null or another JSON object.

For the sake of brevity, in our example, we’ll consider only strings.

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To avoid this, we develop an input data validation as we can see in the class "Adding2": If the user inserts a character which is not a number, we inform him that he is not inserting a valid data and that he has to insert a new number.

As a quick example, we can also validate input without an external, third-party library.

In a nutshell, such a machine declares states and ways of getting from one state to another.

This is a way of formalizing the grammar rules of languages. So how can this forgotten concept be helpful to us, high-level programmers, who don’t need to worry about building a new compiler?

Well, it turns out that the concept can simplify a lot of business scenarios and give us the tools to reason about complex logic.

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