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Poets, artists, and playwrights of the period all began to depict elves as just one more type of fairy, reducing their sizes and even sometimes giving them wings like their more flight-based cousins.

The most notable example of this is perhaps William Shakespeare’s fairy/elf-heavy .

But at the time that Sturluson was writing, his native Iceland was in the process of conversion from the Norse religion to a Christian one.

This process was a slow one that never quite took hold like it did in other European nations, as evidenced by the many people in Iceland who still believe in the country’s elves and “hidden folk.” As a result, Sturluson made certain changes when collecting, adapting, and writing about his country’s beliefs and folklore.

Outside of that, however, classic depictions of elves vary wildly across cultures, making them out to be everything from benevolent helpers to malevolent predators.

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Most of these changes were made in order to bring traditional Norse and Icelandic beliefs in line with Christian ones, and they included potential edits that might have made the Norse patriarch of the gods, Odin, more similar to the Jesus of the Christian religion.

Another change, one that has more bearing on this discussion, is the depiction of two types of elves, light and dark, mirroring the angels and demons of the Christian cosmology.

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