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These vessels were made in the 3rd to 6th century, but also after the Muslim conquest; some of the vessels are dated to the 9th to 10th century.A question still under discussion is the interpretation of the motif in Islamic art.

The emblematic title page of Philipp Jakob Baudrexel's collection of religious music «Primitiae deo et agno coelestis hierarchiae cantatae» (Innsbruck, 1664) was produced by the Augsburg etcher Mathäus Küsel (1629-81).

Maria in Agro (better known as Madonna di Campagna) was built in 1526 and consecrated in 1547.

The frescoes in the presbytery and apse (1576-77), painted by Aurelio Luini and Carlo Urbino, show the Virgin surrounded by a group of flying angels in attitudes of prayer.

Serov, for whom he posed in 1904, and he was also painted by Vladimir Rossinskij in 1910 and by his son Boris Chaliapin in 1931.

Paintings that Šaljapin owned by Korovin, Serov, Vasilij Meškov, and Viktor M. It is generally accepted that the Islamic motif of the dancer and musician was modelled on the Sasanian imagery, today mostly found on the sumptuous silver vessels.

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