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The effects on birds include mortality factors such as collision and electrocution and impacts on nesting, foraging, roosting/loafing and other forms of bird disturbances MANAGEMENT AM is responsible for Interior's aviation safety program.

Through this leadership, AM provides centralized technical and administrative services to all Interior organizations and, through individual agreements, to other federal and state entities.

Reports are available as ASCII text and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Departmental Manual (Chapters) Permanent policy documents approved by the Secretary or the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget.

You will receive full credit for your entry and have the opportunity to add your company logo to the protocol.

If you would like to share some propagation techniques, entry is easy using the Protocol Interface.

Desert Fishes Council The mission of the Desert Fishes Council (DFC) is to preserve the biological integrity of desert aquatic ecosystems and their associated life forms, to hold symposia to report related research and management endeavors, and to effect rapid dissemination of information concerning activities of the Council and its members.

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The current fiscal year’s database is updated within two business days of a report’s release.PLF is a national non-profit, all volunteer membership organization. Welcome to the Copyright Advisory Network, a service provided by the American Library Association's Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP). Ask them here, and get answers from our team of copyright experts!Library of Congress Copyright Internet Resources The links to other resources are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only.Earlier versions of the chapters as well as obsolete chapters are contained in the system's archived files. fuseaction=home Interior SECRETARY's ORDERS Temporary or interim policies approved by the Secretary that expire after a specified period of time or that are converted to the Departmental Manual.ELIPS also contains all current and expired Secretary's Orders dating as far back as 1992. fuseaction=home Orders (PLO's) implement the authority granted to the Secretary of the Interior by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 to make, modify, extend, or revoke land withdrawals.The Copyright Office bears NO responsibility for the quality of information provided through other sites and computer systems.Providing a link to these other sites should not be construed as an endorsement or approval by the Copyright Office of these organizations or of the positions they may take on various issues.Noxious weed listings are provided for all US states and six southern tier Canadian provinces.The Forest History Society presently has three databases that can be searched on this site: A bibliography containing annotated descriptions of over 34,000 books, articles, and dissertations on topics in the fields of forest, conservation, and environmental history. Forest Service Headquarters History Collection housed at the Forest History Society. Laws--Thomas via Library of Congress provides: Pubic Laws/Bills in text format from the 94th Congress to present; information on Bill Summary and Status; Committee, Senate and House of Representative Reports as well as the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD in text format States Code Classification Tables NEW These tables show where recently enacted laws will appear in the United States Code and which sections of the Code have been amended by those laws.The tables sorted in Public Law order may be used to identify the sections of the Code affected by a particular law.

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