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The reason I nearly got arrested was the 6'7 300lb manager said I was intimidating him. That was the second time I was nearly arrested there.. Me: Yeah, i can see that Her: But then i realized they were made in china. (Walked away)I work at a small office, and by now all of them know how much I love cars and how anal I am about mine...

the first was a botched oil change where my oil cap was left off after the change... *I arrive at work in the AM* *coworker arrives* coworker: hey, who's black car with the gold wheels? coworker: just letting you know i smashed it on the way in. *I laugh while shaking my head.*[quote=caseyfoster;19433892]My girlfriends friend thought it was "thundering" when i started my car.

I think you get the picture, November is going to be a swirl of activity, so take care not to burn the candle at both ends.

This week is the beginning of a very busy month for you with Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, entering your house of communication.

He ripes off the rear veiw mirror and says "what's behind you doesn't matter".[QUOTE=bavarianmoggie;19442933]Not sure where to put this but reading some of these posts it made me think of the movie gumball (with Gray Busey).

He ripes off the rear veiw mirror and says "what's behind you doesn't matter".[/QUOTE] hahah, me and my dad quote that movie a lot.

" Me: No, it comes with bulging fenders from factory (regarding my 2.5i) "Thats sexy!! " idiots...[quote=Zefy;19663522]went to the suby dealership to buy parts for my 79 suby brat... " me: "god [email�protected]*t..." service: "oh you're not joking... " Me: (turns the other way)[quote=stierzy34;19654915]old ladies are in love with the blue[/quote] It's not just old ladies, it's women as a whole.

"[/quote] I got that one the other day, specifically, "How much was the body kit? (thinking he hit me or something) him- the sti me-umm, the subaru yeah but its not an sti him- oh, how fast does it go? but his isnt amazing like the twin turbo one ppl are confusing it with. but i warned him that when he gets beat by a station wagon people wont think his car is near as cool. me: "i need a throttle cable and wheel baring" service: "what car? When I bought mine every girl I showed it to (mind you I work in a office of nothing but women, young and old) said the same thing everytime "I love the color." Then I usually got a series of questions asking about why the hood was black and the rest of the car wasn't.

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