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I went in to pick up my car and they told me it was going to cost nearly 3000.00.i wouldnt leave until they released my car to me at no charge. needless to say I received my car back and an appology from SOA. Her: I used to think Subaru's were made in Australia because of the outback and stuff.They'll treat you with courtesy because you inspire it.Call one of the team of true psychics on 09 to hear why errands will keep you on the move.i was at a fast food drive thru, after i got my food i was getting ready to proceed to drive away from the window. ive seriously never heard anyone say it in a way that i have no clue what they said.i see a smirk on the dudes face, and he looks at me and says, him: Suuuh, baru? he was cool about it though, so i give him props for knowing what kinda car it was[quote=Dark Dvr;17782067]I guess I'll start with first one I could remember: My GF's aunt asked me: (about 06 STi with stock wing) - "So this wing helps you to lift off?

When you take time out of your busy schedule for loved ones, they'll let their defences down.

" Me: No, it comes with bulging fenders from factory (regarding my 2.5i) "Thats sexy!! " idiots...[quote=Zefy;19663522]went to the suby dealership to buy parts for my 79 suby brat... " me: "god [email�protected]*t..." service: "oh you're not joking... " Me: (turns the other way)[quote=stierzy34;19654915]old ladies are in love with the blue[/quote] It's not just old ladies, it's women as a whole.

"[/quote] I got that one the other day, specifically, "How much was the body kit? (thinking he hit me or something) him- the sti me-umm, the subaru yeah but its not an sti him- oh, how fast does it go? but his isnt amazing like the twin turbo one ppl are confusing it with. but i warned him that when he gets beat by a station wagon people wont think his car is near as cool. me: "i need a throttle cable and wheel baring" service: "what car? When I bought mine every girl I showed it to (mind you I work in a office of nothing but women, young and old) said the same thing everytime "I love the color." Then I usually got a series of questions asking about why the hood was black and the rest of the car wasn't.

After they're all done and dusted, you'll have more time to work on a promising creative project.(Calls cost £1.50 per minute, plus your phone providers access charge.

This week is the beginning of a very busy month for you with Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, entering your house of communication.

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