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There is the manner of frustrated potential customers who where refused by HUNQ or with whom it was not possible to fix a date to write a negative rating.

In the past those (guestbook entries) could be deleted easily without any consequences...

- think about a rating system, that allows the HUNQZ to rate the customers too (after they asked for a deal and the escort accepted it): there are many customers who treat escorts very bad and dont pay what they said to pay and so on.

I think 60-80% percent of the customers know that escorts have no possibility to do something, if they dont get the money and so on.

of course an escorts is a buisnessman and he offers service, so that his ratings should be public.

but there should be ratings of customers and the customers should be able to decide if they will view them (for escorts only, of course).

If you dont send pictures, THESE none-customers are able to give an negative rating now and by that they are able to press an escorts behaviour.

Planetromeo is used by many people who are mentaly conspicuous or begrudging (to people who look good, have nice body and are successfull). At the moment they dont know that there is such easy possiblity to damage escorts profiles.

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Some customers try to neogate for every date and all this causes - of course - conflicts with an escort who will not reduce his price.built 3-5 categories that customers should give stars for; but dont show these stars of each rating to the escorts... like within ebay: there is a rating, everybody can see if it is positive or negative, there is text everybody can read, and there are 3-4 categories you can give stars, that nobody can see, but the average - allow escorts to disable a rating, but NOT to delete it (if you changed to the 3-step-system as described); it is nessesary to disable an rating, so that it is not viewed, because some ratings are not fair or even illegal content and that may cause trouble; they should count, but there is no need to show the text or so on.maybe you construct it that the rating is displayed with date, positive or negative, but without it text and therefore a line that it was disabled by the escort.To help to build a really strong and fair rating tool for Escorts/ HUNQZ: At first (and as long as the rating system doesnt work correct/fair), PLEASE allowed HUNQZ to delete ratings (as they were able before to delete guestbook-entries); of course they can contact the support, but not all escorts want or are able to write and get in contact directly; and there is no need to let ratings in, as long as the system doesnt work fair.Second please view the author of anonymous ratings and if it is positive or negative for HUNQZ.Of course you can put only one rating per profile... So please make a possibility to DELETE Ratings (but then your stars make no sens) or make a possibility that ONLY people have the right to rate, with whom a date was FIXED.So no rating after an escorts accept a date (that could be rated).Think about that escorts are often the poorest people in that business.of course there are escorts who are criminal and so on, but from my point of view, the main problem are the customers: they book an escort but dont open, dont pay, start discussions, say they dont have enough money and so on; when escorts were rated by customers, there is no reason why customers shouldnt be rated by escorts.but not they could be blended out only, but they still count.This is a problem, because if you are an successful HUNQ you get many request per day and of course many, many request from people who are not interessted in a date but in pictures.

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