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“Everyone is very happy.” The couple announced the pregnancy and sex of the baby in February, with the star, 45, sharing that he enjoys talking his son in utero using “many voices” and playing The Beatles! “He seems to like it, he gets very kicky when I talk this way.” Hal is the first child for both Katie and Hank, who have been dating for over two years.Hank Azaria has enjoyed one of the more schizophrenic careers in Hollywood. ELLE: Your roles often require you to be in great shape, which is rare for a comedian. You'd think I would have taken the hint that God was telling me I wasn't ready to date. You know, my last marriage didn't work out, and I'm a little superstitious. ELLE: You and Helen Hunt separated after less than a year of marriage. HA: The first time I went to do that was kind of a disaster. I was all dirty and bloody, and I showed up at this girl's door.Alex is recently divorced and every time he thinks about his kids, which is all the time, he cries.Helen's fiancé was killed and every night she goes home to their apartment to stare at his pictures, drink too much and play ABBA's "Hernando" over and over. And if Alex (Hank Azaria) and Helen (Kathryn Hahn) were somehow the only characters we encountered, we would all fall in love with "Free Agents," which debuts Wednesday night at on NBC and moves to its regular slot next week.So they get to drinking one night and end up in bed, and that pops the lids off their supersize jars of neuroses. Most real-life offices, however, would not be populated by this close-knit group of oddballs, who have been working overtime to get Alex and Helen dating again.

It was a really nice restaurant on 62nd between Fifth and Madison. ELLE: What's the most painful thing a woman has ever said to you?

They just don't do it at officewide meetings on client strategy.

The Brit original, for what it's worth, has often gone for darker material, rather than this broad humor.

On the positive side, several other cast members also stand out, including Mo Mandel as Alex's pal, Dan, and Al Madrigal as the office nerd Gregg.

Natasha Leggero will seem familiar as Emma, the sharp-tongued executive aide, but that role never wears thin. "Free Agents" has a strong premise, solid characters, good chemistry and some great one-liners.

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