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I remember I was with Helen Hunt at the time-we were together-and that movie was a big break for me as well. I remember right before I went to shoot, Roland Emmerich met with me and said, "So, listen, I've decided all the exteriors are going to be in the rain.

(Ass Money) / Stig / Stockbroker / Store Santa / Strip Club Announcer / Strongman / Student / Student #1 / Studio Store Clerk / Sub Delivery Man / Suicide Notes Clerk / Sulu / Sun / Surgery Audience / Surly / Surly Duff / Sven Golly / Sycophantic German Instructor / T-Shirt Vendor #2 / T. / TV Chief / TV Homer Simpson / TV Repair Man / TV Salesman / TV Voice #1 / TV Voice #2 / Taco Vendor / Talking Frog / Tall Man in the Audience / Tank Driver / Tape Voice / Taxi Driver / Tea-Drinking Man / Teacher / Technician #1 / Teen / Teen #1 / Teen #6 / Teenager boy / Tenant / Tennessee Ernie Ford / Terence the Zombie / Texan Clown Student #1 / Thai man / The Bore Ax / The Chief / The Collider / The Commandant / The Fracker / The Leader / The New Guy / The Parson / Third Man / Ticket Clerk / Ticket Vendor / Tim Taylor / Timmy's Baby Teeth Vendor / Tito / Tom Turkey / Tooth Chipper Operator / Tour Guide #1 / Tow Truck Driver #1 / Tow Truck Driver #2 / Trailer Announcer / Train Announcer / Train Engineer / Translator / Trapped Teacher #1 / Treadmill Salesman / Trent Steele / Tribal Chief / Tribal Leader / Troll / Trucker #4 / Trucker #6 / Turbo Diary / Turkish Freighter / Turkish Man #2 / Turtle Masseur / U. Ultimately, you'd have to call it a tough experience.

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Helen's fiancé was killed and every night she goes home to their apartment to stare at his pictures, drink too much and play ABBA's "Hernando" over and over. And if Alex (Hank Azaria) and Helen (Kathryn Hahn) were somehow the only characters we encountered, we would all fall in love with "Free Agents," which debuts Wednesday night at on NBC and moves to its regular slot next week.

Here, Azaria explains why he'll never get married again and what it's like to see an ex's face on a billboard. Did it give you more respect for what women go through every day? ELLE: I read an interview in which you said you and your girlfriend watch The Bachelorette together.

HA: I was genuinely disappointed that I wasn't prettier. They make you all up, and there you are, and I was kinda hoping for a little better. ELLE: When you were behind the bar, did women pass you their numbers on napkins? ELLE: Women profess to love men who make them laugh. HA: Guys will definitely settle for women who get the joke.

For better or worse, however, this British sitcom import includes other people and other situations, which turn out to be a mixed bag.

Alex and Helen work at the same public relations agency, and seem to have been friends for some time.

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