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I mean fight for your lunch money or act like you didn't have any. It was pretty rough for a kid who had been sheltered on Air Force bases, but I am a quick study." Growing up, Grier was a good student who dreamed of becoming a doctor."When I was a young girl, I never thought of acting," she remembers.It is kind of similar story with the actress we are writing about, Pam Grier.Pam Grier is a revolutionary actress, who has made a legacy in her 45 years career as an actress.However, things get out of control at times because of so many false rumors and hoax that surround the lives of many celebrities.Most of these rumors are or were based on their private life; especially on their partners, affairs, and sexual orientation!In April of 1998, Pam revealed to Jet on 13th April 1998 about her engagement to Kevin Evans and her plans to have babies.

For example, we can look at her sultry and bold characters on stage, based on stories of Crime, Drama, and Blaxploitation.

That's really the way it is.' All of a sudden there was a kind of violent reaction to it." Grier will be best remembered as the leading heroine of the "blaxploitation" film genre of the 1970s.

Grier's characters always stood out as empowered black women who relied on nothing but their own strength to achieve their goals.

Her engagement and plans to have babies was not the only thing she revealed with Jet as she also had a chat about her death-defying experience with cancer.

Caption: News of Pam and Charle's engagement in JET magazine, 1998 Pam failed to specify the cancer type but recalled that the doctors only gave her only 18 months of time with her life.

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