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Due to her father's job, the family moved around from base to base often during Grier's childhood, including spending several years in England, before settling down in Denver, Colorado, after her father left the military.Raised in a strict, conservative household, Grier says that she was raised with a rural sensibility, learning to "sleep in a tent at night in the rain and go fish for your food in the morning." And growing up in a rough working-class Denver neighborhood, she also learned to stand up for herself. "That was where I learned you had to fight all the time."I wanted others out there to understand the emotional trauma that is involved in sexual aggression and abuse and that not all of us get over it or even survive the abuse," she says about her decision to finally reveal the incidents. " Grier moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in acting classes while working as a switchboard operator for American International Pictures to pay the bills."I have that opportunity to speak about this as the icon—the object and let others know that in spite of it all, I am still here."In 1967, Grier entered the Colorado state competition for the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant and placed third. Grier then made her big screen debut at the age of 22 as one of several sexy inmates in the 1971 film .She was raped by a group of older students when she was only six years old, and at the age of 18 she was the victim of a date rape.Fearing repercussions on her family, Grier never said a word to anyone about either incident until she sat down to write her memoirs as an adult.

It never crossed my mind." Only very recently, in her 2010 memoir , did Grier reveal that she also silently endured two incidents of sexual assault.

That's really the way it is.' All of a sudden there was a kind of violent reaction to it." Grier will be best remembered as the leading heroine of the "blaxploitation" film genre of the 1970s.

Grier's characters always stood out as empowered black women who relied on nothing but their own strength to achieve their goals.

Her engagement and plans to have babies was not the only thing she revealed with Jet as she also had a chat about her death-defying experience with cancer.

Caption: News of Pam and Charle's engagement in JET magazine, 1998 Pam failed to specify the cancer type but recalled that the doctors only gave her only 18 months of time with her life.

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