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I think that what is offered by those projects catch the interest and the feelings of people in the Middle East, especially the Arabs.In the end, we live in the same area and we have the same feelings and the same problems and we experience similar living conditions; and therefore, the stories and the emotions we present in our series are universal themes and feelings." "I do not know the Arabs, nor their habits in watching Tv and how they deal with our series." "I have not received any offer for any joint Arab/Turkish movie though I welcome the idea." With reference to “Gönülçelen”, Did you find as Arab viewers did, that there is a natural chemistry between you and the actor Cansel Elçin “Murat”?- Yes, it is true, especially on screen between us.In your opinion, will the Turkish series have won all that success if they weren’t dubbed into Arabic?- Honestly, I can not give my opinion on this topic.In a previous interview with Snob Magazine, you have said that you would like to learn Arabic, where is that wish now?- In fact, I haven’t begun yet formally, it is a very difficult language!

I have no concern with the comparison with anyone, because in the origin, each person is different from the other and therefore, I don’t resemble the others. It is said that the love with your husband Onur Saylak began during the shooting of “Gonulçelen”, was it love at first sight?

Tuba who is known as very reserved with reference to her private life, did not use, as usual, the right of veto against our questions; but she talked about her love and her husband even if she did it in a succinct way.

First of all, we tried to know the secret of her popularity in Arab world, so we asked her: What does it mean to you that you have become a symbol in the Arab world, where the public does not even know your language? - The Main reason is due to the fact that the stories and topics addressed by the Turkish series are not limited to Turkish people but go beyond to people and nations that have a similar culture and feelings.

She refuses to believe on what it was quoted from Murat Yıldırım (Demir) against her. Tuba Büyüküstün: I haven’t loved my husband at first sight and there is a special chemistry between me and Cansel Elçin (Murat teacher).

Tuba Büyüküstün has become the most popular and famous star among the Turkish actresses in Arab world after she declared her rebellion in “Asi” series which transferred her overnight to the ranks of women icon for the Arab audience.

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