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He originally joined the Savaii alliance that was led by returning player Ozzy Lusth.Jim also included Keith and Ozzy in his sub-alliance, although Keith seemed to have closer bonds with Whitney and Ozzy than with Jim.Keith was placed on Savaii along with Ozzy, Jim Rice.

Their paths crossed in June 2010 and their romance heated up quickly after that. Before she left to compete on in May, the couple announced their engagement to family and friends.Then to avoid a purple rock Tiebreaker, John Cochran flips from the alliance to the opposing alliance, which results in Keith being the first person sent to Redemption Island post-merge.Keith immediately suspects Cochran flipped on the tribe, thinking no one else would backstab him aside from possibly Ozzy, but if he was the one who flipped, it wouldn't have made sense for Ozzy to waste his idol.She instilled great morals, values and love for all those around me. Pet peeves: I really dislike people talking behind my back, especially when it's not true, and rude people.3 Words to describe you: Fun, adventurous, and driven.SURVIVOR Contestant you are most like: Boston Rob because he's memorable and played one of the best psychological games.Um…A source tells People.com, “They were good together, and they looked good together.They both fell hard.” The insider continues, “Donny was totally faithful while she was gone.Keith wasn't happy to see Ozzy and Jim follow him in being sent to Redemption Island.In the first post-merge duel of the season, Keith managed to last longer than Jim, but could not defeat Ozzy. At Final Tribal Council, like the other Savaii members that remained loyal, Keith voted for Sophie to win.He rode this alliance to the merge, in which he voted off outsiders Semhar and Papa Bear, but also was somewhat responsible for Elyse's elimination (both he and Whitney opted to vote off Dawn to not upset Ozzy as much) and per Ozzy's request, Keith voted Ozzy off.That risk paid off as Ozzy quickly re-entered the game upon defeating Christine Markowski at Redemption Island.

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