Witcher 2 launcher not auto updating

Magic Disc coupled with more unknown programs causes Witcher 2 to stop working .

Unfortunately, I’ve found out that there are many people included me who cannot successfully update Witcher 2 to Witcher 2 enhanced edition since there is this error known as pack0which complains that it’s corrupted.

Adobe's new patch for Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.

(courtesy of Sygnus21) For those that had to rename the file: Acaptuser32to Acaptuser32bak (C:\WINDOWS\Sys WOW64\ and/or C:\WINDOWS\System32\) to get Witcher 2 to run be aware that an update was just released by Adobe a day ago which repairs the file back to: Acaptuser32

Uninstalling tips can be found in this link safe saevoee - comes bundled with other 3rd party software other possibles are Conduit Engine ijji(IJJI) toolbar any torrent toolbar UPDATE 8/19/2013 - Nvidia beta drivers 326.41 and GEForce Experience 1.6 It has been noted that the Nvidia beta drivers 326.41 along with GE Force Experience 1.6 will also give the 142 error .

It is advised to roll back the drivers to a WHQL set and or uninstall the GEForce experience app .

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