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We did that as well a little bit in 7.1.5, so we're focusing on that problem right now and addressing that feedback.We're definitely learning as we go and making changes.” Is the legendary system something you’re committed to sticking with through Legion, or beyond?“If you get Prydaz you shouldn’t be like 'Aw, this is a utility legendary.' You should feel good about it, and we want you to feel just as good about that one as you might another one.We're making more changes in 7.2 to bring those more in line with each other.As far as future expansions go, as always, we take the lessons we learn from every expansion and move forward with that.I can't really speak to what we're going to do necessarily.” TD: “Are we doing another Wo W expansion, really?TD: "Morgan's touching on an important point, which is there is a huge number of different kinds of players of World of Warcraft and they're interested in absorbing different kinds of content.I think the bifurcation of the raids from the content patches is a positive thing because it allows us to deliver outdoor content.

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Talking #Bf A and 7.3.5 changes, Lunar Festival, ethics in #goldmaking, @TSMAddon beta updates, plus a goodboye Shu-zen doge mount giveaway! Read all about what's new in the latest TSM4 beta update and more beta invites going out right here:… Goblins are fleeing the Auction House, everyone is broke.I think players are going to enjoy them, and I think players are going to enjoy having much more freedom to get into their alt specs.” Legendaries are also getting significant reworks in this patch - how have your attitudes towards them changed through development? They're a new system that we added in Legion and we've been kind've making changes every patch as we go along.This patch we heard the player feedback that they're not super excited if they get a specific legendary so we want to address that issue, you should always be happy when you see a legendary, you should always be geeked out.We’ve got an entire new zone, new world quests, new class world quests, buildings, order hall campaigns, assaults, pet battle dungeons - the list goes on and on of what we're delivering to the outdoor world player.“Then we also have this raid that we've developed that is going to come out in the near future but timed more appropriately for the raiding community.The Blizzard API is not affected, @TSMAddon & @Undermine Jrnl will not be impacted. M5Cpg7qs #TSM4: A beta update was released earlier today fixing the long loading screen issues that have been reported.Please ensure you fully restart your Wo W client, and let us know if you encounter any further problems. Thanks for the Valentine's day gift @Blizzard CS!Again earlier we were speaking [about] a lot of different types of players of Wo W and I think that having artifact power as a reward that can be [given out] through doing all the content in the game is an effective way to reward players and give [them] an ongoing target, ongoing progression.“When you get to the upper, upper echelons it can run the risk of feeling like a grind but I would argue that you are finding yourself working towards something that is built-in with diminishing returns, [which is] the intent at the top end.In 7.2, as we bring this forward, you're gonna see that those who were at the very top power bands are given a nice passive right off the bat to keep them consistent and then we're basically opening up the top end again for them to progress through.“But at the same time what that system allows us to do and you'll see play out in 7.2 is that if you're a guy who likes to play alts but has felt dissuaded from it, now when you log in to your alt you're actually going to be able to progress much more quickly.

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